AI & NLP based Data Assistant for Reporting,
Analytics and Machine Learning.

Darwin Analytics & Reporting

On Demand Reports

Request business insights in natural language or voice . No pre coded reports

Database Compatibility

Seamless integration with databases, big data platforms and cloud hosted databases.

Data Visualization

Multiple data visualization options.

Deployment Option

On premise and cloud deployment option.

Quick Adoption

No learning curve and limited configuration makes adoption quick.


In built data caching for faster performance.

Provide awesome customer service with our tools.

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Machine Learning

  • Eliminates barrier of programming language to build a ML model.
  • Build supervised and unsupervised models.
  • Automatically takes care of data pre-processing, model creation, fitting and testing.
  • Deploy model in production with single step and automatically create an API for real time production.

Why Darwin

Empower your business users

On demand insights

Significantly reduce cost of BI

Build data driven organization


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