NLP Based Business Intelligence, Analytics
and Reporting.

Why Darwin

Darwin empowers business user to conduct analysis on data with the ease of natural language text or voice.

On Demand Reports

Request business insights in natural language or voice with zero code

Database Compatibility

Seamless integration with databases, big data platforms and cloud hosted databases

Software As Service

Fully managed SAAS offering


Analyze millions of rows of data in seconds

Quick Adoption

No learning curve and limited configuration makes adoption quick.

Automate Excel

Automate repeatable excel tasks & improve productivity



Empower your business users

On demand insights

Significantly reduce cost of BI

Build data driven organization

NLP based business intelligence

Business users are always clear in their mind on how they want to view data. With Darwin , they can convert their thoughts into action by using text or voice. Darwin's self service NLP engine means that the business users will never have to depend on a developer for data insights. There are more than 50 different data transformations that can be done using natural language, no need to remember any formula.

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nlp based business intelligence
faster insights

Speed without in memory

Most BI tools keep data in memory to get performance. In memory reporting tools don't scale very well if data volume increases significantly, leading to a drop in performance. Darwin gets better performance without keeping data in memory. Darwin stores data in highly compressed columnar format and loads only the relevant data in memory when required. It just takes seconds to analyse millions rows of data.

Data driven organization

Darwin can be easily integrated in any application via its API. Its natural language processing (NLP) engine can extract insights from any kind of dataset. This will enable users to make informed decision in real time and build a data driven culture in an orgnaization.

self service BI


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